Prof. Doutor Pedro Forte publica novo artigo cientifico

Sports biomechanics: monitoring health and performance foi publicado no Journal of Men’s Health

O Prof. Doutor Pedro Forte, Coordenador do Departamento de Desporto do ISCE Douro, em parceria com outros investigadores nacionais, publicou um novo artigo científico. Intitulado “Sports biomechanics: monitoring health and performance” o artigo foi publicado no Journal of Men’s Health e tem como objetivo explicar a aplicação da biomecânica em contextos de performance desportiva e da saúde dos jogadores.

Resumo: Sports biomechanics has been used to better explain athletes' performance. Biomechanics allows describing human movement by kinematics (positions, distances, velocities) and kinetics (forces). Moreover, this subject explains the physiological demands of the physical task. Several instruments have been created to quantify human movement and the biomechanical metrics can provide insights into the intensity, volume and training characteristics. Upon that, analysts may be aware that these metrics could allow controlling the exercises and training sessions, leading to a better understanding of the athletes fitness levels, readiness and accumulated training load. The athletes' wellness is entirely dependent on the training load and biomechanical metrics allow to prevent overtraining situations. The research community may seek simple, easy and cheap technology to ensure that all sportsmen have access to biomechanics evaluations. Thus, comparisons, validations and creating new tools or technologies are required to provide valid, precise and accurate data for different levels of sports practice (recreational, amateurs, sub-elite or elite). Finally, biomechanics analysts might contribute with simple procedures (such as mathematical models) to model, simulate or predict the athletes' performance and control the wellness status, preventing injuries and drop out.

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