Prof. Doutor Rui Brito Fonseca participa em obra internacional

Presidente do ISCE Douro é autor do capitulo 3 do Handbook of Research on Assertiveness, Clarity, and Positivity in Health Literacy

O Prof. Doutor Rui Brito Fonseca, Presidente do nosso Instituto, é um dos coautores da obra internacional recentemente lançada, intitulada "Handbook of Research on Assertiveness, Clarity, and Positivity in Health Literacy".

Description & Coverage

Health literacy in practice requires the development of techniques that ensure that the patient can better access information, understand its content, know how to use this information, and make better health decisions. If the patient makes better health decisions, there are immediate reflexes in health outcomes. The aim is to develop an approach based on the commitment and creation of an atmosphere of trust that reduces uncertainty, anxiety, and embarrassment based on a process of assertive, clear, and positive communication (ACP model).

The Handbook of Research on Assertiveness, Clarity, and Positivity in Health Literacy brings the consolidation of knowledge, strategies, and techniques to improve health literacy. This book discusses the importance of making sound health decisions: decisions that can save lives, prevent premature deaths, avoid hospitalizations and abusive resources to medical emergencies, and improve overall health outcomes for the individual, family, community, and society. Covering topics such as dietary guidance, health behavior change models, and medication reconciliation, this resource has theoretical and practical aspects essential to health information libraries, hospitals, clinics, health centers, health schools, patient associations, health professionals, medical students, researchers, professors, and academicians.

Na obra, escrita em inglês e composta por 19 capitulos que resultam do trabalho de vários investigadores nacionais, o capitulo 3,  subordinado ao tema "Health Literacy and Digital Communication: A Happy or Risky Combination?" é da autoria do Presidente do ISCE Douro.

Chapter 3

Health Literacy and Digital Communication: A Happy or Risky Combination?

Rui Brito Fonseca

The SARS-COV-2 pandemic has placed the entire planet under a global health threat, but it has also provided the golden opportunity for us to make the digital transition. With the successive confinements and restrictions on circulation and communication to which we were subjected, we had to look for other models of relationships, work, and learning. In a few months, the Portuguese went from an essentially playful and informative use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to an intensive work, academic and communicational use.

Lançado recentemente o livro está já disponível para aquisição em pré publicação aqui.  

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