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The B-Learning Office (GbL)'s mission is to ensure the quality of the b-Learning project, developing actions consistent with a pedagogy that enhances the training process based on the promotion of classes that integrate a face-to-face and a distance component, through a Blackboard Open LMS (Learning Management Systems) platform.

In its actions, GbL aims to optimize this model, ensuring both coherence and full articulation between the programmatic contents and the activities and strategies inherent to these components, in person and online, made available in different information and communication media.



This office's main objectives are:

      • Streamline the b-Learning process.
      • Formulate recommendations on teaching/learning methodologies and action processes leading to an optimization of the b-Learning model adopted by ISCE.
      • Support teachers/authors in preparing content and pedagogically oriented activities for autonomous work.
      • Support teachers/authors in defining strategies/activities, using tools and preparing and adapting content for the different curricular units (CUs), as well as designing multimedia materials.
      • Boost standardization and versatility in the presentation of digital content, with a view to its reuse.
      • Promote the reuse of all content and its consequent accessibility, portability and adaptability, which is inherent to the perspective of inclusivity.
      • Ensure the usability and readability of content and technology for all participants in the process.
      • Contribute to the creation of a digital repository that will be available in communication with the ISCE e-Learning environment.
      • Contribute to ISCE's assessment culture, in particular the teaching and learning process in b-Learning, with a view to optimizing it.
      • Collaborate in research, development and innovation in teaching and learning.
      • Contribute to the institution’s projection at national and international level.
      • Organize training and update sessions for teachers and students on the operationalization of the platform, as well as on collaborative, synchronous and asynchronous activities, information, learning management and assessment tools.


General Coordination: Dr. Paula Lameiras ( )

Methodology and Pedagogical Architecture: Professor Beatriz Albuquerque Mendes, Professor Maria Gabriela de Salis and Meireles

Technologists: Prof. Beatriz Albuquerque Mendes, Dr. Paula Lameiras and Dr. Pedro Campos

Linguistic Consultancy: Specialist Prof. Inês Ribeiros  

Partner entities: elearningmedia (Training, EdTech Consulting, Development, Programming and Analysis)