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ISCE Douro

| ISCE Douro

The Instituto Superior de Ciências Educativas do Douro – ISCE Douro – is a polytechnic higher education institution that opened its doors in 2015 in the city of Penafiel, to respond to the higher education needs existing in the Tâmega e Sousa region and, in a broad sense, in the greater Douro region. We are a higher education institution dedicated to teaching, guided research and providing services to the community, developing its activity in the areas of Education and Social Education, Tourism, Sports, Arts and Multimedia.

Since 2015 we have been on a path of constant growth, both in the number of students and in the diversity of our training offer. Currently, we have available to all those who seek us to carry out their higher studies, a training offer that starts at CTeSP, goes through Bachelor's and Postgraduate degrees and continues with Master's degrees.

We are recognized by everyone as an inclusive higher education institution, with high quality standards and a pedagogical model close to students, enhancing their capabilities. At ISCE Douro we make personal and social transformation paths possible, enriching the region and establishing qualified assets. At ISCE Douro we promote change and make a difference throughout the North Region.

| Innovation and Tradition

ISCE Douro is part of the Pedago Group which, over 40 years, has established itself as the most eclectic and intergenerational Portuguese educational group, holding institutions at all levels of education and teaching.

Based on a new and innovative project, ISCE Douro meets all the conditions to respond to the challenges posed by society in constant change, permanently adopting processes of introspection, analysis, integration, innovation, continuous improvement and excellence. With an educational, scientific and cultural project anchored in humanistic and humanizing principles and with a transformative and progressive intention, with facilities suitable for high quality higher education, with a highly qualified teaching staff specialized in the various areas of intervention, with logistical conditions , appropriate equipment and laboratories, ISCE Douro is not limited to local limits, integrating its training, research and service provision activities across the entire Tâmega e Sousa region and the greater Douro region.

The use of b-learning pedagogy, with all its benefits, allows for the reconciliation of work and study, individual time management, permanent monitoring and collaborative work. On our way to half a century of accumulated experience, we have always been at the forefront of innovation and transformation in teaching, from a perspective that is qualitatively more capable of responding to the needs of our students and society.