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ISCE Douro

Your place in Portugal is at ISCE DOURO!

If you are thinking about coming to study in Portugal, or attending distance learning, or doing extension or postgraduate studies in Brazil, ISCE is the right institution.

Whether in the north of Portugal and in the greater Porto area ( ISCE Douro ) or in the greater Lisbon area ( ISCE ), you will find an excellent Higher Education project.

However, if you prefer to go to the North of the country, you should choose our institution, which already has more than 25 years of experience in this region and where thousands of professionals have trained.

In Penafiel, you will be in one of the areas with the greatest growth potential in Portugal and just 20 minutes from Porto, whether by car, train or even a direct bus.

At ISCE Douro you can choose courses in the areas of Arts, Multimedia, Sports, Education and Tourism. The campus is very new and has all the conditions to make your experience enriching and unforgettable.

Furthermore, at ISCE Douro, you will be able to benefit from a fantastic blackboard system that allows you to offer courses in b-learning mode.

Lower cost of living!

By joining ISCE Douro you are making the best choice since in Penafiel you will find a cost of living below that in the Center of Porto where the cost of living is expensive. Although in Portugal the prices of goods in general are lower than in the rest of Europe, the cost of living in Porto is now as expensive as in major European capitals due to tourist demand. By choosing ISCE Douro you will be bringing together the best of both worlds; A low cost of living and the fact that, in just over 15 minutes of travel, you will arrive in Porto without forgetting other cities of tourist interest that are very close by, such as Braga and Guimarães.

Your ENEM is accepted!

The Competition for International Students applies to students who are not residents of the European Union and wish to attend an undergraduate course in Portugal. In this competition your ENEM is accepted!

If you want to take a postgraduate course (stricto sensu - master's or doctorate) you can apply as a student holding a higher education course.

There are two ways to enter through the International Student Regime:

Using ENEM or through an Internal Entrance Test, held at our University, aimed at students who are not Portuguese and who have not taken an Entrance Test to Portuguese Higher Education.

Still need more reasons?

We are waiting for you in Portugal with open arms!

Before leaving for Portugal, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Passport or foreign identification document;
  • Visa to study in Portugal
  • Declaration of commitment to the subsequent delivery of a residence permit;
  • Document proving completion of secondary education or equivalent;
  • Accommodation in a private apartment or residence agreed with the School;
  • School and/or international health insurance;
  • Currency used in Portugal – Euro

For more information, you can directly contact the Director of the Center for Cooperation and International Relations ( CCRI ).


ISCE has an office in Santos, represented by Prof. Doctor Fábio Ribeiro

Cell phone: 55 13 98131 0341

Do you prefer to study in the Capital? We are waiting for you at ISCE !