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GAPQ will be the visible face of the commitment made in mobilizing the ISCE Community to build an Organizational Culture of Knowledge and Quality, shared by everyone and with the active participation of students, teachers, non-teaching employees, external, national and transnational partners. Ensuring the pursuit of ISCE's mission requires the internalization of values of continuous excellence and quality in pedagogical practices, individual performances and general operating structures and interaction with the educational, social and economic market.


Permanently reinforce the quality of the ISCE Education and Research Community, in different modalities and contexts, developing an open and democratic reference shared by students, teachers and institutional partners, in compliance with national and international reference evaluation requirements for the sector.


• Contribute to the continuous improvement of pedagogical quality;

• Permanently evaluate pedagogical models, conditions and performance;

• Promote a culture of institutional evaluation;

• Integrate quality parameters and reference assessment for HEIs

• Promote spaces open to the Teaching Community for innovation in practices, improvement in processes, satisfaction of the needs of: - students, - teachers, - collaborators, - external partners.


Quality Assessment and Promotion Office

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