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  • It's showing that flying, jumping, playing and helping is important.

  • It's sharing a heart with several little hearts.

  • It’s about awakening the good in ourselves and in others.

  • It's helping and being helped.

  • It’s about being present, it’s about dedicating and learning.

  • Being a volunteer means being responsible, interested and courageous, it means having feelings, it means demonstrating that you can have value and be a diamond in other people's pockets, it means being kind without receiving anything in return, it means having a GIANT heart, it means feeling useful ." Author: Beites, J. (2011)

To mark International Volunteer Day, ISCE Douro offers its students new possibilities for volunteering, signing cooperation protocols with the following institutions: Penafiel Parish Council and the Meinedo Development and Social Support Association, the which provide four contexts for volunteering in the areas: Social; Sports and Multimedia.

Practice Solidarity! Sign up for the volunteering options we have for you!

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