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ISCE Douro

ISCE Douro participates in the II International Seminar on Social Education and the II Professional and Interuniversity Social Education Coexistence

  • 27/09/2023

In the coming days, our Institute will participate in the II Seminario Internacional de Educación Social and II Convivencia profesional e interuniversitaria de la Educación Social, an event organized by the Colexio de Educadoras e Educadores Sociais de Galicia and which will take place between the 29th of September and the 1st of October. At the event that will take place in the Serra do Xurés Natural Park (Lobios-Ourense), our Institute will be represented on the Scientific Committee by Prof. Doctor Cátia Vaz, Coordinator of the Degree in Social Education at our Institute.

In turn, on the 30th, the teachers from the Education/Social Department of our Institute, Prof. Doctor Mónica Cardoso and Prof. Doctor Helena Carvalho will give a communication on the theme “Specialized socio-educational intervention with families in vulnerable situations”. Also on the same day, Prof. Doctor Cátia Vaz will participate with a communication on the theme “Primary prevention of school bullying through games”.
Program and more information here .
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