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ISCE Douro

Solemn Opening Session of the Academic Year 2023/2024

  • 24/09/2023

Last Thursday, ISCE Douro welcomed more than a hundred 1st year students.

The reception for 1st year students began with the Solemn Opening Session of the 2023/2024 Academic Year, a ceremony that took place in the auditorium of our Institute and brought together the ISCE Douro Educational community and other institutional partners.

In the Solemn Session that featured interventions by Prof. Doctor Edgar Bernardo, President of ISCE Douro, Dr. Rodrigo Lopes, Councilor responsible for Education at CM Penafiel and the President of AE ISCE DOuro, João Gonçalves, highlighting the Opening Address of the Academic Year 2023/2024 which was attended by position of Prof. Doctor Ricardo Martins, Administrator and Representative of the Establishing Entity of our Institute.

There was also time for a presentation of the teaching staff and support structures made by Dr. Liliana Nunes, Advisor to the Presidency of ISCE Douro.


The Reception then ended with several teambuilding and welcoming activities and also a Sunset Party organized by the Student Association and the Praxes Committee, which was marked by many moments of conviviality and good cheer.


ISCE Douro wishes the entire community an academic year full of successes!